Chuente Castaneda
Acupressure/Reflexology/Therapeutic Massage

"Great Service! Chuente is awesome!"

- James Merts, A1 Heating and Air


"Chuente is amazing! She has changed the quality of my life and enable me to sit for three days to take the bar exam. Before seeing her I had difficulty sitting for a two hour exam. I can't recommend her enough."

- Denny, Chief Inmate Medi-Cal Claiming Unit & Lincoln Law School Graduate 


"I've had the great opportunity to work with Chuente. It'a a great addition to any strength or fitness program. I beat my body up pretty well, and She helps me increase my mobility, minimize my problem areas and keeps my body tuned up for my next workout or race!"

- Greg Johnson, MS, CSCS, Coach, Life Fitness Personal Trainer to Watch 


"Hits the point.  That's all I can say."

- Chan, Mommy and Me 3  Younique Makeup & Jamberry Nails


“After 8 weeks of pain the doctors were going to give [my 10 year old daughter] Kaya ibuprofen. After 2 treatments with Chuente she felt totally better, no pain at all and is back to normal activities!”

Sara, Mother


"Chuente is magic! I had the worst sinus headache and in about 10 minutes it subsided to a dull pain to nonexistent as time passed. Highly recommended."

- John, Personal Trainer



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