Chuente Castaneda
Acupressure/Reflexology/Therapeutic Massage
History and How it Works

History and How it Works

With deep roots in traditional Chinese medicine acupressure/reflexology is an ancient healing art that targets energy channels in the body known as meridians.

Unlike acupuncture, which uses needles in its therapy, acupressure/reflexology practitioners use their fingers, palms, elbows, feet and sometimes devices, as an alternative to needles in order to apply pressure to several points along the body’s meridians.

This therapy and its over 5,000-year-old history, is heavily based on the concept of Qi, also pronounced Chi or Ki. Chinese culture defines Qi as “life force energy”. When there is an imbalance of Qi, health is compromised, so balance must be achieved. In order to restore balance, the skill of acupressure/reflexology focuses on the body’s 10 major meridians, or energy channels, linked to specific organs inside the body and act as a superhighway for the flow of Qi energy (figure 1.0). Each zone on the foot represents a correlating area on the body where energy flows (figure 1.0).

An energy block found in any one of these key meridians throws your Qi out of balance where illness can occur. During her acupressure/reflexology sessions, Chuente helps restore balance by gently pressing on points of the body, typically lasting about one hour. Balance is achieved by clearing each meridian to make way for vital life energy to flow through and revitalize health.

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