Chuente Castaneda
Acupressure/Reflexology/Therapeutic Massage


In pain?  Seeking relief?  You'll feel better fast with this specialized form of massage therapy: Acupressure/Reflexology.

Chuente Castaneda is a certified massage practitioner (California Massage Therapy Council Certified Cert # 31036) specializing in acupressure/reflexology.

Trained under Tao Center for Healing co-founders, John Lee and Stan Yee and a proud affiliate of East Sacramento Physical Therapy, Chuente helps balance body and mind by blending Eastern healing practices with Western massage technique.  Her goal is to connect with and cultivate genuine compassion for each client she meets.

If you or someone you know is experiencing pain, Chuente can help. Whether seeking relief from:

  • pelvic floor dysfunction pain/discomfort
  • back pain
  • headache
  • neck tension
  • accident/auto related injury
  • cancer treatment
  • fatigue
  • or looking for relaxation

Acupressure/reflexology/therapeutic massage helps you regain vital energy and restore balance in all aspects of life.  Call to schedule today! 916-479-0561




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